Jamie Barrett


Chief Creative Officer

Jamie began his career in 1986 as a below average account person at Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis. Hoping he’d do less damage in the creative department, Fallon rehired him as a copywriter. Inspired by the switch, Jamie went on to create hundreds of print ads, most of which are stored in labeled boxes in his attic.

In 1990, Jamie left for Portland, Oregon where he began an eight-year run at Wieden+Kennedy. There he wrote award-winning Nike work for Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Tiger Woods, and the Atlanta Olympics. In 1996, he was named the lead creative director on the Nike business.

In 1998, Jamie joined Fallon, NY as Partner and Executive Creative Director. Within two years the shop had won four Cannes Gold Lions, and its billings had quintupled to $250 million. In 2000, Jamie was named Adweek’s National Creative Director of the Year.

In January 2002, Jamie checked with his wife and found they had three children under the age of two. Together, they made the decision to leave New York City and relocate to Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. In his first four years there, Jamie developed award-winning work for Saturn, eBay, HBO, the Oakland A’s, and Comcast. In 2002, his Saturn “Sheet Metal” commercial was awarded Commercial of the Year by both Adweek and Advertising Age. In 2004, his eBay work was awarded Campaign of the Year by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP). In 2005, Comcast was named Adweek’s National Campaign of the Year. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, Jamie was named one of Creativity’s Top 50 creatives. 2009 and 2010 were landmark years for Comcast and the NBA. Comcast’s “Rabbit” was the world’s most awarded commercial, according to Ad Age’s Creativity magazine. And the NBA’s “There Can Only Be One” campaign won a Cannes Lion as well as being parodied by Saturday Night Live and on the cover of Time magazine. Here is a link to some of Jamie’s work from back in the day.

Jamie is fortunate to have created a lot of advertising. But deep down, he yearned to create a place.

So on December 10, 2012, he opened the doors to Barrett.

Matt Hofherr



When Jamie moved to SF to work at Goodby he moved into Matt’s neighborhood and that’s when the two of them became fast friends. For Matt, joining forces with Jamie has been 20-years in the making.

Throughout Matt’s award-winning career he has served as a Managing Partner at eight different agencies. Matt believes he can tell when an agency is about to take their next great step. He might be right. He worked at Chiat/Day, BBDO, FCB, Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners and MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER when they were all named “Agency of the Year”.

Matt got his start in strategic planning working on Apple Computers. Till this day strategic planning and business growth remain Matt’s top priorities.

Matt lives in the East Bay with his lovely wife, Michele. His daughter Samantha is currently getting a Master in Communications Management at USC.

Molly Warner


Head of People

Molly is the Head of People and a former Group Account Director with 15 years of strategic management experience who believes in the magic of branding, dogs and the Minnesota Vikings.

She started her career at Mortar, a small start-up advertising agency in San Francisco, where she spent four years learning the ins and outs of all things account management. From there she spent three years at Eleven helping to produce award-winning work for clients like Virgin America, Dignity Health, Yahoo!, Apple, Sun Valley Resort & Visit Sun Valley, Coinstar, and Callaway Golf.

Since joining Barrett in 2013 as employee number four, Molly has become the heart and soul of the agency while leading a long list of clients including Chime, Salesforce, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, Meyer Sound, Marvel, Exchange Bank, In-Shape Health Clubs and Tipping Point Community. She now spends a lot less time with clients, heading up all recruiting, operations, creative resourcing, HR, and culture for the agency.

Molly currently lives in Oakland with her husband, her dog Doug, and a cat who wishes to remain nameless.

Conor Duignan


Head of Production

Conor is best known as a former professional athlete.

Okay, that’s not exactly true, but it is true that after college he moved to Holland and played a season of professional water polo. It turns out water polo isn’t quite as lucrative as Conor had hoped. So in 2007 he took a “real job” as an Assistant Account Manager at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Within a year, he figured out that his passion wasn’t in account managing, but production. So he switched departments and quickly climbed up the production ranks at GS&P.

Conor has produced award-winning campaigns for the NBA, Xfinity, the California Milk Processor Board (“got milk?”), and Chevrolet, amongst others. Career highlights include: shooting with 3-time Academy Award winner Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki, traveling the world for Chevrolet’s 100th anniversary campaign, and beating Kevin Durant in one-on-one while on set.*

In 2016, Conor joined the Barrett family as Head of Production. Since his arrival, the office is significantly louder and redder.

*Editor’s note: it remains unclear if Durant knew they were actually “playing one-on-one.”

Amie Chan


Head of Strategy

As Head of Strategy, Amie credits her parents for empowering her with early business acumen and strategy skills. She got her start at age 11, in their management trainee program (at their Chinese restaurant in Bramhall). By day she designed the menu, by night she was upselling and honing her research skills, unknowingly conducting ethnographic research. In fact it was a customer that directed her to a career in planning and strategy. She started out as an intern for TBWA in Manchester, but soon swapped that for TBWA in Hong Kong, 6000 miles away.

Amie has spent 18+ years working on global, national and local brands in the US, China, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK. She spent many years getting to know the trade secrets of clients like McDonald’s, attending McDonald’s University, testing burgers, naming burgers and selling burgers. She even helped them win 12 Effies, (including their first grand Effie), which led to McDonald’s becoming the most effective marketer of the year. Beyond driving communications strategies for Lipton, Bel Cheese, Pizza Hut and Nestle; she’s also spent time helping brands like Tiffany, Land Rover, Beats and Nike gain social dominance in China. She’s worked to help global brands enter new markets, local brands find their brand voice and national brands to better understand their consumers. She loves the power of creativity and the feeling of goosebumps when she feels a great idea, but more than anything she wants to help brands grow thoughtfully.

Since moving to the Best Coast 4 years ago, she’s excited to join Barrett as a new Mum, new surfer and is available for people watching on the weekends.

Todd Eisner


Executive Creative Director

When Todd Eisner was in third grade he got in trouble for turning a math test over mid-exam and drawing a picture of Heathcliff on the back. Later, when his teacher handed him back his ‘F,’ she informed Todd that doodling was not a realistic career goal. Incorrect, Ms. Colvin.

Years later Todd enrolled at the University of Delaware, whose mascot is a fighting chicken. Upon graduation he moved to New York City, where he spent the better part of a decade doodling professionally as an art director on brands like Oreo, Planters and Diet Coke. He was also able to pursue a variety of illustration and animation projects and even did some writing for literary powerhouse MAD magazine.

Despite claiming he would never leave New York, Todd ran for the hills of San Francisco in 2011 when an alarmingly tall man named Jamie Barrett offered him a job at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. While there he helped reposition Chevy trucks, made some debatably disturbing Cheetos commercials, and later ran the trader segment of TDAmeritrade and Sonic Drive-In accounts.

In 2016, Todd was reunited with Jamie when he joined Barrett as a creative director, proving that time is a flat circle. Whatever that means.

Brad Kayal

Creative Director

Brad graduated from design school at about the exact moment all things “dot-com” were closing shop. This awkward timing led to a job in something called “advertising” where his title seemed to change daily from “designer” to “interactive designer” to “art director” to “creative” (and every other corporate combination of those words).

In the years since, Brad has worked at large and small award-winning agencies in Boston and San Francisco and has done work for clients ranging from Volkswagen, Audi, Google, Intel, 2K Games, Ubisoft, Bleacher Report, Puma, Timberland, and eBay. His work has appeared in Communication Arts, Graphis, Print Magazine, as well as winning design and ad awards from Cannes, D&AD, The Museum of Modern Art NYC, The Smithsonian/Cooper Hewitt, and AICP.

Additionally, Brad continues to work on passion projects outside the day job including freelance poster work for The Fillmore in San Francisco, photography, and playing in a band that’s entirely too loud.

Charlotte Dugoni

Senior Producer

Charlotte “Shark” Dugoni originally hails from Portland, Oregon, though she often embarks on seasonal migrations to the warm waters of Mexico where she preys on innocent and helpless baby seals.

But before becoming a flesh-eating predator terrorizing coastal towns all over the world, Shark was a soccer player and student at The University of Montana in Missoula, Montana where she discovered her love of film.

Since entering the waters of advertising, Shark has been a part of producing award-winning work for brands like, Comcast, 2K/WWE, ASICS, World Market, Chime, CBS and many others.

Shark is a lifelong Duke basketball fan. She loves her dog Woody more than anything. And she will happily listen to Jackson Browne’s “I’m Alive” album on repeat for hours…same goes with Backstreet Boys’ “Millennium” album.

No need to compliment her, she knows she’s got great taste in music.

Robert Woods

Head of Accounts

Robert is a Group Account Director and native Texan who grew up on a prison farm. Seriously, his Dad was a warden. But over the course of his childhood, Robert decided that the prison life wasn’t for him and wanted to explore a more creative path.

After attending graduate school at the University of Texas, Robert began his career in Austin at SicolaMartin, working on B2B brands like AMD and HP. He then went down the street to GSD&M where he spent time working on Kohler and Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Tired of the Texas heat, Robert decided to move out to San Francisco and work with Venables, Bell and Partners where he spent 7.5 years working across numerous brands like HBO and Google. He also spent time at ARGONAUT working on AT&T’s Cricket Wireless and at TBD working projects for the Ad Council, StubHub, and Havaianas.

You can find him currently working on Cost Plus World Market, Sutter Health, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, and FoxtNext. When he isn’t doing advertising, you can find him feeding his food and cooking obsession and fawning lovingly over his corgi, Watson.

Kevin Albrecht

Associate Strategy Director

Kevin is a strategist originally from Richmond, VA.

He took a roundabout path into advertising. After three years in AmeriCorps with stops in Denver, Big Bend and New Orleans and a stint as a document reviewer on the 5-midnight shift at a law firm – Kevin landed an internship at a small ad agency back in Richmond.

After getting to work a bunch of advertising roles as an intern, Kevin went to the Brandcenter to study brand strategy. The mix of writing, researching and staying curious suited his wiring.

Following his first year of school, he got a summer internship at The Richards Group in Dallas, where he worked on the NFL and GameStop accounts. After school, he moved to San Francisco for a job at experiential marketing agency, George P. Johnson where he worked on customer conferences for B2B brands like Sage, ServiceNow and Workday.

Joining Barrett in 2017, Kevin made an immediate impression on his new co-workers by nearly breaking his ankle during a pickup basketball game at an agency event. Since then, he’s made a full recovery and has helped make some good work for past and present agency clients like Walmart, the XFL, LifeStraw, Freshworks and Coupa.

(All of which pales in comparison to the sweet redemption of draining a $5,000 choreball shot at the 2021 holiday party.)

Marisa Buss

Group Account Director

As a Group Account Director, Marisa believes we are all born storytellers looking to uncover the most strategic and creative expression of a brand’s story in an authentic way that actually means something to people. And in a way that delivers innovative work with the results and brand affinity to prove it.

With 21 years of experience, she has orchestrated integrated campaigns for highly established and challenger brands from Audi, Lyft, Airbnb, Hulu and Intel to JSX, Orville Redenbachers, priceline.com, Stitch Fix and realtor.com.

She’s had the opportunity to influence award-winning work for global consumer brands, build new brands from the business plan up to the product + campaign launches, tackle complex B2B / B2C and performance marketing accounts, and spearhead a groundbreaking passion project for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – all while partnering with her clients to unpack their most critical business challenges and establish a framework for making ambitious goals attainable.

Byron Wages

Associate Creative Director

Byron is an associate creative director who was born in Atlanta and spent the majority of his formative years watching TBS. As a result, roughly 20% of his core memories involve Seinfeld or Greg Maddux.

Shortly after securing a capital-J “Job” his last year in college, he had roughly the next decade of his career carefully mapped out for him in a meeting that was intended to be inspiring. He quit the next day.

He ended up at the Creative Circus studying art direction and upon graduation decided to make his mother super happy by moving 2500 miles away.

In his time at Barrett, Byron has been fortunate to create work that has been featured in Communication Arts, Lürzer’s archive, CMYK, and Graphic Design USA. He has also received recognition from Cannes, the One Show, ACIP, Radio Mercury, LIA, and the Webbys.

He lives with his incredible wife, Kristina, and their tuxedo cat, Cindy Clawford. They are both (way) too cool for him.